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Consequences of bad posture and year to year weight gain

Consequences of bad posture and year to year weight gain image

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On a macroscopic level, skeletal muscles are like levers. When muscles aren't used much, they contract and shorten. When muscles shorten, the lever stops working properly. Your body consists of multiple lever type muscles. Even if only one begins to malfunction, it may affect multiple areas of your body.

For example, if the hamstring lever begins to shorten and malfunction, it affects the flexibility of your knee, which can affect the function of your pelvis, which can affect the function of your lumbar spine.

Watch Your Posture

Most Americans spend the majority of their life in flexion, from the Latin word flectere, to bend. Flexion is a position made possible by decreasing a joint's angle. It is the opposite of extension. For example, the elbow is flexed when the hand is brought closer to the shoulder.

Most of the time, our necks are flexed. Our wrists are flexed. Our hips are flexed. We spend most of our time in flexion, as opposed to walking around, extended and opened up - which plays a role in general poor posture.

Posture is about more than pleasing your parents. Poor posture can strain the spine and cause backlashes. Poor posture may compress the chest, ribs or lings to cause breathlessness and a variety of other problems. Poor posture may compress the air in the chest and slow the flow of blood.

Poor posture is a problem

Year-to-Year Weight Gain and It's Consequences 

Many adults who stop actively pursing a healthy lifestyle gain about five pounds a year. Gaining five pounds in a year doesn't sound horrible, does it? However think about the cumulative weightgain over a span of 10 years. That's 50 pounds. Over 20 years, 100 pounds. Significant weight gain is a silent predator that inches up on its victims.

Think about the gradual average wight gain in terms of a class reunion. A lean 120-pound high school graduate would weigh 170 pounds by the 10-year reunion. He or she would be a solid 220 pounds by the 20th high school reunion . Do you want to be that guy?